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Hi, my name is Olivier Falcoz.

I am a provider of operational risk1 mitigation services and information systems security2 consulting services with 25 years of international experience in sensitive or challenging business environments with both private sector and government organisations.

For 17 years I have been a regional partner of choice in Asia for SMEs and multinationals in various sectors such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, consumer and luxury goods, petrochemicals & construction. I am now based in France.


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My role is to assist clients consolidate existing operations or enter new markets by mitigating operational and information security risks throughout the most critical cycles - i.e. planning, execution and evaluation - of their investments: .

I bring in my approach and strengths in the field of operational risk management to mitigate the risk of loss due to fraud and financial crime and other flawed or failed processes, systems or events that can disrupt business operations.

My extensive experience in risk intelligence goes beyond risk management by leveraging information systems security and enhanced business process security to mitigate the impact of risk on governance and compliance.

## I assist in protecting:

- cyber assets;
- intellectual assets;
- physical assets.

As a widely experienced professional, I strongly believes in preventive solutions and upstream collaboration with clients.

Please check out the Services page and my Resume for more information.


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You are welcome to drop me a line shall you believe my skills and experience could be of genuine benefit to your business ventures. I am on Linkedin if you would like to connect.

I’d be delighted to hear from you.


Contact me through Matrix at this account: @olivier:envs.net. If you do not have a Matrix account, you can sign up for one at envs.net or any other of your choice which implements the Matrix protocol3.

The privacy policy for the envs.net homeserver is available at this page.

@olivier:envs.net on Matrix


Drop me a note at:

olivier |at| 9x0rg d0t com

Donwload my PGP keyed25519/0xCAAD364477DA43C8 for encrypting messages to me.

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26BC C458 2D54 0A23 FE24  0C27 CAAD 3644 77DA 43C8


The good folks born in the past century may also want to reach out to me through XMPP:

xmpp:x0rg@disroot.org 	## Please use OMEMO encryption

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328758f8 ac7dc220 f1ce3002 
033ab087 d666ce46

  1. Operational risk is the risk of losses caused by flawed or failed processes, policies, systems or events that disrupt business operations (Wikipedia). ↩︎

  2. Information systems security (Infosec) (Wikipedia). ↩︎

  3. Matrix is a free, open, secure and decentralized protocol for real-time communication ↩︎

  4. See OMEMO E2E encryption protocol (Wikipedia) ↩︎